Allen D. Carter



The expectations of the editor have grown fluid in recent years, and the modern editor must be comfortable in the various aspects of the editorial process. Allen has played several roles in the stages of publishing, and thanks to his diverse experience, he is well at home in many facets of editing in multiple genres in both fiction and nonfiction. He works with writers of all levels by helping to polish their prose for impact, to inspire emotion, and to relay a clear and concise message. Allen has been the editor on projects published internationally in multiple languages and has tested his skills in the field on hundreds of publications including novels, educational texts, medical journals, and magazines both online and in print.

Allen has spent time in publishing houses such as Scholastic Canada, and Rubicon Publishing Inc. where he gained vital knowledge in the world of fiction, nonfiction, and educational publications. He has edited over a hundred science readers where he acted as rewriter, copyeditor, proofreader, and researcher, becoming uncommonly informed on subjects like rocket science, astrophysics, biology, and paleontology just to name a few.

The projects that Allen finds truly immersive are novels. There are few things more satisfying than to take a raw manuscript and, like a sculptor with a beautiful piece of marble, hone and shape it into something refined, remarkable, and impactful. Whether the project requires a deep developmental edit, a full line edit, or a plain copyedit, Allen can assess the needs and help his clients to create a book of which they will be proud.

Client and friend, Chaker Khazaal, and Allen have been working together since 2017. Since then, they have worked on four novels; two of which have been published so far: Tale of Tala, and OUCH! Allen’s ability to perform deep substantial edits while maintaining Chaker’s voice in the prose has been key to their success. Chaker choses Allen as senior editor for all his literary projects.


  • Book design
  • Publishing on various platforms
  • Structural/Substantive editing (big-picture editing)
  • Stylistic editing (editing for clarity, flow, and style)
  • Copyediting (editing for accuracy, correctness, and consistency)
  • Proofreading
  • Rewriting (while maintaining the author’s voice)
  • Fact checking
  • Manuscript/Outline assessment
  • Ghostwriting (composing based on outline or rough manuscript)
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