Allen D. Carter

Writer, Editor, Mentor
Allen D. Carter

Allen’s path to a writing career was an unlikely one. His first career was in the field of orchestral music. He has performed with some of the more prestigious orchestras in Canada as a section player and soloist. While maintaining his music career, he chose to pursue his other passion, editing, and earned his professional certification. At first, he focused almost entirely on educational books and edited at least one hundred science readers in a year. After so many books on rocket science, astronomy, climate change, and astrophysics, he was at last inspired to begin work on his first science fiction novel.

Working with Allen D, Carter is a learning experience that every writer should have. Not only does Allen edit your work, he actually becomes an integral part of the journey itself. I worked with Allen on my fourth novel, Tale of Tala, which made it into Amazon's bestsellers list. We then worked on Ouch! where Allen had the intense challenge of a near impossible turnaround time, but he succeeded and met the deadline which was a book launch at New York Times Athens Democracy Forum 2020. Allen is professional, patient (a skill that editors need when working with writers), punctual, and very hardworking.

Chaker Khazaal Award Winning Author

As a first time writer compiling lessons learnt over my lifetime into a short book for my grandchildren's benefit, I realised I needed assistance in what seemed a daunting exercise. My fears were soon dispelled when I was introduced to Al and Stella by a close friend. Since that introduction, I see how fortunate I am to have Al and Stella at my side, working with me and guiding me in the writing of my book. Their knowledge, work ethic, ability to be flexible and communicate ideas and style has been very informative and useful for a novice writer. I truly appreciate each session we have and always come away with a feeling that we are making progress. Thanks Al and Stella for the patience and the ability you both have as a team to be a great source of strength and coaching.

Cris Dedigama Corporate Executive

Allen's knowledge, the effort he put into his analysis, and his ability to walk me through ways to improve my writing were all invaluable in upping my game.

Tami O'Quinn Writer

Working with Al Carter was a delightful experience. His editorial suggestions enhanced my writing while staying true to my voice. The recommendations were not only helpful but kind and encouraging.

Heather L Huffman Author and Poet

I met Al Carter in the writers' room. (AKA Happy Writers Camp) In the 9 weeks spent committed to being a happy camper, what impressed me about Al was the level of his dedication. Al was often the person showing up ready to write every day with an invitation for us to join him in our writers' room! A talented writer with a vivid imagination, a trustworthy Happy Camp-mate, unstoppable while also having an excellent sense of humor. That always makes things better.”

Christina Marie Whinnery Publisher

Yes, Al is a strong editor. Yes, he has technical skills. Yes, he’s creative, hard-working, and conscientious. But what makes Al truly great to work with are his sense of humour, his warmth, and his open mind.


Al brings enthusiasm and passion to his work, whether he's focusing on his own writing or reviewing and editing the work of others. His insight is always valuable, and helps you look at a project in a new way. And his cheerful spirit is infectious and helps to inspire me with my own projects.

Jackie Dana writer and editor

Working and writing with Allen D. Carter has been a pleasure. He has shown a level of dedication and commitment to his writing and the elevation of the writers he works with that is impressive. His attention to detail, his approach to storytelling, and his understanding of the importance of the writer-editor relationship are all assets that make him a top-notch selection for your editorial needs. Al’s easygoing nature paired with his depth of knowledge of the craft make for the perfect balance of professionalism and support I look for in a partner on the path to publication.

Nicole Rivera Writer and podcaster